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Ebags Convertible Weekender Luggage

Nalgene Toiletry Bottles – These leak-free toiletry bottles and tubs come in all sizes – even super tiny, helping minimalists pack it all without bulk. When you’re on-the-move, you need your ID, money, and travel documents within reach. Here, the Outbreaker excels while the TLS Weekender disappoints. The back of this bag is coated in a grippy rubber-like material to ensure that the bag remains planted on your back . All in all, this is an excellent choice for business travelers and road warriors. Sign up to receive the latest One Bag Travels reviews right to your inbox.

ebags weekender

There is only one small zippered pocket on the side and one larger mesh enclosure on the top portion. The main space has internal tie-down straps which can be adjusted from a high or lower position depending on how much stuff you pack. There are two external pockets which offer more room than first glance. The smaller pocket is great for holding books, magazines, or even airplane snacks. The bigger main pocket is great for keeping your items organized.

Also, this is carry-on size for many airlines, but the nice thing is that if it’s on your back, they are less likely to ask you to check it at the gate. There’s something about the visual of the rolling bag of a certain size (like a 22”) that just screams “CHECK ME! Maybe they just look along the floor looking for bags and not at people’s backs.

I packed the eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit, along with a few other items, in this part. This location was easy to get to for pulling my liquids out as I went through security. We had both been traveling with the LLBean Continental Rucksack for several years.

After all that I put my Mother Lode through, it doesn’t have a single visible rip or tear. The best elements of the eBags Mother Lode are the many pockets, zippers, and detachable organizers. It’ll be hard to lose anything with so many different storage spaces. In the video below I show you the differences between this backpack and the Farpoint 40 which is designed more with adventure travel in mind. The single attachment point, causes your water bottle to flop around when you’re walking.

I’ll be hitting about three cities, and probably either couch-surfing or staying in hostels, so I am anticipating carrying my luggage at all times. I’m planning on packing as light as possible- I’m not high maintenance, but I am still a little worried about the constant weight on my shoulders. For easy transportation, the eBags carry-on has a sleeve on the back so you can slip it over your luggage handle as you roll through the airport. If you don’t have any rolling luggage, the mesh pads will offer some comfort as you carry it on your back.

This carry-on bag is the epitome of being “jack of all trades, master of none”. The eBags team has thought of nearly everything & tacked it onto their Mother Lode Travel Backpack. The eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack isn’t going to win any style awards, but this no-nonsense bag will impress travelers who want the most bang for their buck. It’s not canvas but polyester which is OK to take into the rain. The zippers are not weather sealed though so this is where some water could potentially look through during heavy rain.

You are right – this is definitely a travel backpack, not a hiking backpack. The organizational components of theeBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertibleare exactly what I was looking for! I love how easy it is to open up and find what you need in the bag.

Extremely well-made with a solid, durable feel all around. The zippers are sturdy with a smooth, snag-free pull. The exterior is a highly quality twisted poly material that feels designed to take a real beating.

Loaded with pockets to keep all of your essentials organized, this weekender is simply perfect for every trip. The eBags Professional Weekender is crafted from twisted poly fabric and features a convertible design that can be carried as a backpack, briefcase, or hands-free crossbody bag. It is very lightweight, the hip belt really takes off the weight from shoulders. But you could get something that would hook onto the bag. It is not needed, and not really a great design, it is deep and narrow, when attached to big bag, it sticks way out in the middle, moves center of gravity away from your back.